Friday, June 13, 2008

Firesign's Follies - a book I'm PROUD of

I've been a Firesign Theatre fan as long as I've been a radio fan. My earliest memories of getting into radio comedy were a tape set of Jack Benny, Fibber McGee, Abbott and Costello and The Bickersons I bought (or my family bought for me) at Waldenbooks when I was 10 years old. Brown cases. (Later I got Frances Langford to sign the Bickersons tape!) It was MAGIC. From there I moved to comedy albums - but most were disappointing, being just stand up stuff, which you could see on TV. The exception was Firesign Theatre, which really was, as they stated, THEATRE FOR THE MIND'S EYE. Listen to their albums on headphones and it was like being in their crazy world full of (and this is partially why I liked Bugs Bunny as a kid) strange sound effects and voices. Brilliant.

Years later, being a publisher, I'm able to indulge myself, getting close to some of the people who defined my childhood. Being able to publish books by the great lit man of the group, David Ossman, is a true dream come true for me. I've got 150+ titles in print, including some penned by myself, but one of the books I'm MOST proud of is David's new book, Firesign Follies. It's a brilliant file on FT's output and history. And it's just a Funny book. He likes the Goon Show, I like the Goon Show. I GET what he's saying, and how well he says it! Of course I don't say that because I published the book. I published the book Because I think this! It deserves to be in every Thinking Man's domicile.

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