Wednesday, February 18, 2009

John Agar and the minors?

Some books surprise me in how they do. For instance, John Agar. I was/am a fan. I went after this book, having heard about it on the co-author's website. I did much of the work myself to get it out. Yet, it's not a good seller.

Ditto for one of my comedy heroes, Jerry Colonna. This man is funny as hell. He's in my favorite cartoon movie of all time, Alice in Wonderland. He's got years at the side of Bob Hope. Yet, he is forgotten today? That's rather hard to believe.

I mean, of course, those under 30 won't know or care who he is. But as far as the "target audience" goes, I expect more of these people/books to have more fans. I invite comments on this subject. I'm curious what's going on - besides the current economy, of course.

Sales were never my main concern, even though I run a business. I'm mostly concerned with preserving this important film history while there are still witnesses around to record first hand accounts.

So I urge every writer, every celebrity, every stuntman, every 2nd unit director - write it down. Who cares if it's published or makes a mint. Put down the info before it's too late!

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