Monday, February 23, 2009

since 2001

It's hard to believe I've been doing BearManor Media for 9 years now. Next year it'll be a whole decade. Where does the time go?

Our first book was The Great Gildersleeve, written with my great friend Charles Stumpf. He gave me a lot of support about my writing and writing about old film and radio stars. He helped me more than anyone, giving me the confidence to write more.

From there, it seemed that publishing was where my real interest lay. It wasn't important to me that I write these books. Just that they are done and out! Preserving this history is the most important thing. Because once these people and witnesses are gone, that's it. Future books can't be as good because no one asked the questions to get the details on Joan Davis, Paul Frees or Walter Tetley.

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