Friday, April 10, 2009

all about the Burr today!

Lonnie Burr says:

"Finally the Smithsonian is using part of my collection for viewing. Along with a FEW things Disney contributed for the 50th of Disneyland - an actual Dumbo car from the ride - my sequined Ears from 25 Years of Mouseketeers , the TV special for our 25th Anniversary in 1980 are included.

"I am the only Mouseketeer in the Smithsonian with about 50 items, approximately 40 MMC, the rest from my acting etcetera and work as poet, playwright, book/rags/mags/ezines, comedy material and the rest."

He's just done two radio shows online - Talking Television with Dave White - with Lou Mongello. Taped Morning Show with Joan Hammel, which will soon air and be online.

He'll also be doing CNN, MSNBC and other 24 hour news, along with talk shows on Monday the 13th.

Meantime, check out his latest tv interview on youtube.

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