Wednesday, April 15, 2009

an interview with Al Lerner

What prompted you to write your life story?

For years people have said to me that I should write a book when I told my stories about my life with the bands and performers. When I met my present wife, she sat down at the computer and told me to start telling the stories so we could get them down on paper. Vamp 'Til Ready became reality.

What was it like touring with the major big bands of the day?

Touring wasn't anything I gave much thought to, because it was part of my job, and I was just doing my job. Frankly, it never felt like work because I loved my work.

What's your favorite story in the book?

One of the most memorable stories is one that took place in Melbourne, Australia in 1985. I brought the Glen Miller Band down under for a concert tour. While in Melbourne, the producers asked me if I would be interested in playing for a private party. I asked for whom, he replied Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I accepted!
We had just finished a set and the band members had left the bandstand for a break. I stayed behind to pick out the next dance set. Charles and Diana were standing off the side watching me. After I finished, they walked over and spoke to me about the Miller Band. We talked for several moments and Diana stopped and said, "Could I have your autograph?" I quickly complied. Diana made my day!

I noticed they used one of your songs in the new Ben Kingsley movie, Eulogy. Where else can we spot them?

I have music tracks currently on the TV series Damages, starring Glenn Close. I did some original music in the movie Bathing Beauty with Esther Williams. I also wrote the closing theme song, "So Until I See You" for the Jack Paar Tonight Show. I wrote music for the film All Ashore, featuring Dick Haymes and Mickey Rooney. I also have music in the movie Married Life, with Pierce Brosnan.

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