Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Indie Filmmaker's Handbook


Doug Bradley / star of Hellraiser

Dante Tomaselli / writer /director of Satan’s Playground

Marv Blauvelt / star of Sculpture

Kimberly Amato / Star of Under The Raven's Wing and Producer of the award winning TV pilot Party Girl

Emily Wesley / actress and creator of Kentucky Fried Horror

Evan Mezaros / writer / director of Windcroft

Michelle Tomlinson/ Actress from The Cellar Door/Brain Dead/George's Intervention

Nicole Kruex / Star of Zen Hunter & Funland

Chris Adler / The definitive man of horror/ star of The Dead Walk

Suzi Lorraine / Columnist for Gorezone Magazine & Co-producer and star of Won Ton Baby

Brooke Lewis/ Actress/Producer/Scream Queen/MS Vampy/Star of Kinky Killers & iMurders

Raine Brown

Laura Bach

Producer/Director/Writer/Cinematographer/Editor/Indie Legend Ted V. Mikels

John Cory Stringer/ Star of Nightmare Fuel and Director of Kentucky Fried Horror

Eve Blaack / Editor in Chief / The Hackers Resource

FX Wizard Evil John Mays

Dan West & Rick Popko / Writers/Producers/Directors of Monsturd and RetarDead

Todd Tucker/ FX Master/Writer/Director/-Trailer Park Of Terror & Moldy's Madhouse

April Burril/ Star of Chainsaw Sally

Tom Atkinson/ Director of The 10Pound horror Film

Writer/director/actor Alan Rowe Kelly

Jeff Kirkendall / Writer and Director of The Temptress & The Green -Eyed Monster

James DuMont / star and co-producer of The Cellar Door

Arch Angel Production's Michael Kazlo

Clint Hutchison / Director of Conjurer and Terror Tract

Mischa Perez and Richard Myles of Viper Productions

Composer Tom Burns

Vindication Director Bart Mastronardi

Monique Dupree / star of Pot Zombies and Bachelor Party In the Bungalow of the Damned

Judy Cerda

Special Guest interview:

Needles and Sins author John Everson by Heidi Martinuzzi

How To Make An Indie Horror {Without Losing Your Shirt}

The Horror Film Survival Guide

Noteworthy Horror Films List: Iron Dave's Top 15

Notable Magazines & Film Festivals

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