Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet Joe Bev in person!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2009

Meet JOE BEVILACQUA (JOE BEV.) in person October and November!

From October 2 to November 16, 2009, the "Cartoon Carnival" radio host and
Daws Butler protégé will be performing in New York, New Jersey and
California, promoting his new book and audio book, UNCLE DUNKLE AND

The collection of Daws Butler "Fractured Fairy Tales" was edited,
co-written and illustrated (in retro Hanna-Barbera style) by Joe
Bevilacqua, who has also recorded an audio "cartoon" book doing all the
voices himself! UNCLE DUNKLE AND DONNIE is available at:

DUNKLE is the first in the new BEARMANOR AUDIO book line which Bevilacqua
is overseeing, with a launch date of November 1, 2009. (More details

Joe Bev. is also the host of a daily radio show devoted to the world of animation: CARTOON CARNIVAL. Listen online EVERY day at

He also co-authored his mentor's authorized biography, "Daws Butler, Characters Actor", available at BearManorMedia.Com.

Joe Bevilacqua's upcoming personal appearances:

FRIDAY, Oct. 2nd 10pm - Midnight
Pros, beginners and amateurs welcome
For the third year in a row, husband and wife performers
Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg are hosting the popular
Aroma Thyme Bistro
165 Canal Street, Ellenville, NY.

Kean University Department of Theatre Presents
Encore! a Theatre Retrospective Fundraiser
SATURDAY, Oct. 3rd, 7- 9pm
Reunite decades of alumni in Kean's Wilkins Theatre
1000 Morris Avenue, Union, New Jersey 07083
phone (908)737-SHOW. $10 per person

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 7th, 7- 9pm
Ellenville Library Free Event with Popcorn
"Laurel and Hardy: From Silents to Talkies"
a two-hour filmfest of the famous comedy team's best short subjects.
Hosted by the Them Thar Hills chapter of the Sons of the Desert (the
International Laurel and Hardy Organization). Sons members Ray Faiola, Joe
Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg will be on hand to talk.

FRIDAY, Oct. 30th, 7 - 9pm
Ellenville Playground Benefit
Hudson Valley Resort, Kerhonkson, NY
"The Mystery of the Headless Gunks Pirate"
Halloween Eve Party , Dinner, Dancing, Costumes,
Contests and Prizes! $60 per person
For tickets call 845-399-3886

MONDAY, Nov. 16th, 7- 9pm
Cartoon Carnival Live Event
Come be part of a live taping of Joe Bev's radio show,
meet JOE BEV, JUNE FORAY (the voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel),
and BILL MARX, son of Harpo, in-person,
plus other celebrity voice artists (TBA), and buy an autograph
copy of Joe's Uncle Dunkle book. A percentage of the
proceeds of all book sales go to ASIFA Hollywood
Glendale Library Auditorium
222 E. Harvard St. Glendale, CA 91205

More personal appearances to be announced.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

come on down!

You're the next reader on the official biography of the Price Is Right announcer, Johnny Olson!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

the final Lucky Stars cover

This is almost ready at the printer!

Friday, September 25, 2009

the new book on Frank Lloyd

Frank Lloyd: Master of Screen Melodrama is the first book-length study of one of the most prominent of studio directors from Hollywood's "golden age," whose career spanned the years from 1913 through 1955. Among the director's greatest works are Oliver Twist with Jackie Coogan, The Sea Hawk with Milton Sills, The Divine Lady with Corinne Grifffith, and two Academy Award winners for Best Picture, Cavalcade and Mutiny on the Bounty. They are all discussed in detail here, along with other prominent Frank Lloyd productions, including East Lynne, Berkeley Square, Wells Fargo, and The Howards of Virginia. Frank Lloyd himself won two Academy Awards, and yet he has failed up to now to receive the attention he deserves together with recognition of his masterly creation of screen melodrama. With his latest book, which includes a complete filmography and a sampling of writings by Frank Lloyd, award-winning historian Anthony Slide sets the record straight and honors one of Hollywood's best.
Coming soon!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

next year's convention

We hope to make it here next year!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jaws in Japan

The most popular electronic game in Japan is something called Pachenko. I don't pretend to understand it's incredible popularity, but imagine our surprise when we found a Jaws game of it. I picture it here to go with our Jaws book!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

author Tommy Garrett interviews TCM's Robert Osborne

Click on the link to read Tommy Garrett's interview with TCM's Robert Osborne!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Joe Bev says:

This is week two of my new radio show!! First week doubled SHOKUS audience!


EVERY night at 6:00 p.m. (EST)


Program Two:
Audio from TV's "Truth or Consequences" with BOB BARKER and DAWS BUTLER
(Yogi Bear) from 1960, Stan Freberg in "THREE LITTLE BOPS" from the 1957
Warner Brothers cartoon, a live performance of "FRACTURED FAIRY TALES"

CARTOON CARNIVAL with Joe Bev. "The first radio cartoon show ever!" Listen online EVERY day at SHOKUSRADIO.COM 3 PM (PDT), 5 PM (CT), 7 PM (ET)

Listen to this week's promo here:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

new interview with Joel Samberg

Joel was just interviewed on the Rollye James Show, so click on the cover to listen!

Friday, September 11, 2009

tryin' our hand at fiction

Soon you're going to be hearing big things from BearManor Fiction!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bob Mills says

"Tune in to "ACCESS UNLIMITED" on KPFK 90.7 fm Los Angeles and 98.7 fm Santa Barbara on Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 3 to 4 PM Pacific when we'll discuss the ongoing evictions of patients from the Motion Picture Home & Hospital in ...Woodland Hills. I'll be co-hosting this very important program. Your support is essential to save lives!"

"An excerpt from my book entitled "And Now a Word From OUR Sponsor" has been accepted by FILM CLASSICS MAGAZINE, both print and electronic. The piece recounts how Bob Hope broke into radio in 1938 launching a variety show sponsored by Pepso...dent. It starred Hope, Jerry Colonna, Judy Canova and Bill Goodwin (announcer). The orchestra leader was Skinnay Ennis, who would soon be replaced by Les Brown."

Thursday, September 3, 2009


We couldn't get to Martin Grams' growing and ever-popular MANC convention last weekend in Maryland, but luckily we had a happy author, Michael J. Hayde, author of Flights of Fantasy, who manned our table.

By all accounts, it was a huge success, so much so that they've got to get themselves a bigger hotel for next year's do! Hopefully we'll be there in person for next year, so stop by if you can!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a new Fibber book is coming!

Dr. Mickey Smith, Barnard Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Mississippi, is the author of a new book, "How Fibber McGee and Molly Won World War II. This entertaining essay combies serious subjects and comedy in chronicling a very specialperiod inthe broadcast life of one of Radio's most popular and best-loved series. In the book Smith describes how the special combinatio of the stars themselves, a writing genius, and the "perfect" sponsor, produced a one-of-a-kind program melding laughs and patriotim during ne of America's drkest hours. Jim and Marian Jordan somehow hooked up with thw writing genius of Don Quinn, and the unparalleled support of the S>C> Johnson(Wax) Company to produce an entertaining, funny series of programs with an uwavering mssage--America was in right , the men(and women) in the military deserved unflagging support, and the folks at home had a vital role to play, assuring the ultimate victory.

The story is told via excerpts fro scores of broadcasts enhanced by the author's observations. An account of the difficult , but ultimately successful, efforts of the Government and of the broadcast industry to adapt to Wartime conditions provides an illuminating backdrop to the story. Fifteen photographs illuminate the book.

The McGee's messages, while always supportive of the War efort, were sometimes poignant. An example is Molly's post-War reminder in support of the National War Fund, an agency devoted to providing recreational care and maintenance of morale for the military until they returned home:"We gave our boys a warm han when they left. Let's not give them the cold shoulder now."

Fibber McGee and Molly highlighted subjects nt usually given a lot of attention such as the Coast Guard, Merchant Marine,"WACS", Inflation , and Aid to European War Victims.

CH.1 Introduction to the Show
CH.2 Format, characters, premise
CH>3 The Broadcast environment
CH.4 The Men Behind the Words
CH.5 The Perfect Sponsor
CH.6 Words That Won the War
References and bibliography

Published by Bear Manor Media
Ordering info here

Contact for more information, signings:
Mickey Smith
1411 Lawson St.
Oxford, MS 38655
Ph. 662-23-5335
E> Mickand