Friday, December 18, 2009

Look at what's in Classic Images this month!

Book Points
By Laura Wagner
Book Talk with Jeff Gordon
Lynn Bari has always been one of my favorite actresses. She is the kind of actress I’ve always admired: Strong, gutsy, able to take care of herself. She could do comedy, drama, she could effectively menace the leading lady--she was the ultimate “Other Woman.” She could be a breezy reporter out for a story, a suffering wife, a glamorous doll, and a fast-talkin’ chick. Bari was gorgeous, she had a terrific speaking voice, she had style and class and a way of walking into the room that made you take notice. Yet, she never truly became a star.In 1999 I was very excited when I heard that Jeff Gordon was writing a book about her. I did not know Mr. Gordon at the time and only became acquainted with Jeff in 2003 when Ray Hagen and I were working on our book, Killer Tomatoes: Fifteen Tough Film Dames, which had a chapter on Lynn. From there, I corresponded with Jeff and heard of his progress with the book, one that I support with all my heart. Reading Jeff’s articles in Classic Images and Films of the Golden Age, I know he’s an excellent writer and a true movie fan. In Jeff’s hands, I know that, finally, Lynn Bari will get her due and we will learn the circumstances of her stalled career. BearManor Media ( will be publishing his book, Foxy Lady, next year, and it is my hope that everyone checks this out. I know of the hard work and love that Jeff has put into this.
[Then Jeff Gordon writes at length about it. See the magazine for the full column.]

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