Saturday, December 19, 2009

our own Jack French says:

Here's a shot of how the North Pole looked at 11 am, at which time
there was 10 inches in our back yard. It has been snowing
consistently since and is now (at 5 pm) around 15 inches. Snow will
continue to fall until midnight. Grand totals for the tri-state area
by Sunday morn will range from 16-22 drifting.
Temperatures are in the 20s and will not go over freezing for the
next three days.

Virtually everything has been shut down by this record-breaking
blizzard. Thousands of abandoned vehicles are stuck in the snow,
preventing the plows from working efficiently, despite the media
pleading with these idiots to stay home. Sunday we start digging out
with shovels. (And hoping for a plow to get into our subdivision)

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