Saturday, December 19, 2009

They Did It Again!

Our authors Lon and Deb Davis did it again - received another "book of the year" nod. This time it's from the San Francisco Examiner. We're proud to say they share the honor with two other BearManor Media books, written by Sarah Baker and David Menefee. Check this out:
Lucky Stars: Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell, by Sarah Baker(BearManor Media) From their first pairing in 7th Heaven and in eleven films that followed, Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell created an unparalleled cinematic romance. Their partnership was such that in the minds and hearts of their adoring fans, they were one. Even though both enjoyed successful solo careers - their work as a team stood out. Even decades after their onscreen partnership ended, any mention of Gaynor in the press merited a mention of Farrell, and vice-versa. Drawing upon previously unpublished interviews with Farrell and Gaynor, interviews with family and friends, and archival research, author Sarah Baker details the fascinating behind the scenes story of one of the greatest romantic teams of all time.

King of the Movies: Francis X. Bushman, by Lon and Debra Davis(BearManor Media) Francis X. Bushman had a life like no other. He was a pioneering film actor and the screen's first great romantic idol, a bodybuilder, an artist's model, a Broadway and stock company actor, a husband (four times), a father (six times), a dog breeder, a songwriter, a vaudeville headliner, a radio performer, a television personality, and a senior citizens' advocate. He lived an exaggerated life, both as a free-spending multi-millionaire film star and a bankrupt has-been. After all the accolades and criticisms, he was that rare kind of man who had no regrets. The Davis' book tells his story with verve.

Richard Barthelmess - A Life in Pictures, by David W. Menefee(BearManor Media) Few can forget the scene in D. W. Griffith's Way Down East when the character played by Richard Barthelmess rescues the Lillian Gish character from certain death on an ice floe. Alla Nazimova plucked Barthelmess from obscurity to act in her first film, and he went on to play signature roles in numerous other films including Broken Blossoms, Tol'able David, The Noose, The Patent Leather Kid, Dawn Patrol, and Only Angel's Have Wings. For the first time, the story of this twice Oscar-nominated silent film star is told.

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