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Our new catalog is out and it's beautiful!

Look at what just came from the printer today! We're very proud of this new - and much improved - catalog.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Beach Boys!

There are a great many names in this book because over the course of some thirty-five or so years in the entertainment business, Lloyd worked with, met with, or just talked to a lot of people including celebrities of various ilk. A few became his friends; many were merely business or golfing acquaintances. The time he spent with the Beach Boys surely made them his friends or at least one would hope. Lloyd always made it a point to differentiate between people he designated as friends and those who were merely acquaintances based on, to a very minor degree, who picked up the check or whether or not he was close enough to be invited to their homes. Or even how quickly or even whether they returned phone calls. There are many of each. A lot of what is included in this book has not previously been in print, either because it related to things he shared personally with the people involved or because it was not known to the general public. While this isn't quite a "tell all" book, it is definitely a "tell some" book. Anyway, herein lies an opportunity to live what Jack Lloyd lived and then re-lived as he wrote it. Enjoy the ride.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nice review & comments on

Horror Movies, Music Stars, Artists & More!
“Esoteric” has a couple of meanings, but in the case of Michael McCarty’s book Esoteria-Land (Bear Manor Media) it relates more to the secret lives of celebrity. McCarty, a professional writer since 1983, writing a number of books, short stories, poems and a plenitude of articles, has put together a selection of short interviews and photographs with a variety of famous people, as well as some entertaining articles and essays dealing primarily with the horror field and genre. This should come as no surprise as the preface has an introductory discussion between McCarty and horror author C. Dean Andersson (I Am Dracula) followed by an introduction from Scream Queen Linnea Quigley (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers). The book also includes other genres and niches. It begins with an interview with Tommy Chong, the famous hippie doper from the infamous comedic duo Cheech & Chong. This is followed with an interview with singer/guitarist/songwriter Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues. A very interesting interview with Alistair Taylor comes soon after. Who is Alistair Taylor you may ask. He was a collaborator with Brian Epstein, the man who became the manager of The Beatles. Taylor helped Epstein in those early formative years with the band but had little hope for them, missing out on an opportunity to own a portion of what would become one of the most influential bands of all time. McCarty also touches on Art as he interviews the fantasy illustration team of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. There are also more interviews with other comedians, actors, film makers and authors, including the creator of Discworld, Sir Terry Pratchett and one of science fiction’s greatest writers, Alan Dean Foster. Of the essays, the most fascinating is a look at author Dean Koontz and how he is viewed by other authors. Despite his scary stories, Koontz evidently has a heart of gold and comes across as a very benevolent and kind person. Esoteria-Land is nearly 350 pages in length but most of the interviews are only 3 or 4 pages, so the book makes for a quick, fun read.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gardner McKay's play to become a movie!

From "The Wrap" website
Reporter Jeff Schneider

Oscar-winning filmmaker John G. Avildsen ("Rocky") is set to direct "Me.," an independent feature based on the play by late actor/author Gardner McKay. Joe Dain wrote the screenplay after optioning the rights from McKay's widow, Madeleine, who will serve as executive producer on the project. Dain will produce through his company Shoot Productions. First published in 1998 as a play in two acts, the dark comedy follows the Vickery family as they come together to rally around 12-year-old Tommy after a tragic baseball accident caused by his twin brother leaves him brain damaged and dependent on his family for his every need. The story picks up six years after the accident as the family re-examines the very distinct choices they've made for themselves in order to survive. Dain discovered McKay's play more than a decade ago at a Samuel French book store. "From the minute I read it, I was drawn to the material," said Dain, who at the time was working with two other producers who were interested in raising financing for a theatrical production of "Me." The trio organized a reading for potential financiers and McKay (right) and his wife flew to Los Angeles to attend. "I told him that I thought the play would make an incredible movie and his reply to me was, 'well if you ever get to a place in your career to have a serious discussion about producing this as a film, give me a call.' It was not until many years later that I was in such a position, and sadly, Gardner had passed away," said Dain. Late last year, Dain decided to take a chance and contact McKay's widow, who remembered him and requested he send an example of his work as a movie producer. Dain sent his award-winning 2008 film "Gardens of the Night," and one week later, McKay called Dain and agreed to sell him the rights to the play. "This story is an intense, surprisingly original, funny, dark and yet binding story about family," Dain told TheWrap. UTA is packaging the project and will handle its domestic sales. Avildsen previously directed "The Karate Kid" and "Lean on Me," and his last movie to be given a theatrical wide release was 1994's "8 Seconds." He's attached to direct the sports drama "Stano." Avildsen is represented by UTA, while Gersh represents Dain and The Marton Agency represents McKay.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another great review

Check out the excellent review by Beyond's Joseph Savitski. It can be seen at Way to go, author Patrick!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lon Chaney's Dracula Recommended on Psychobabble

Here's what the Psychobabble website has to say about Philip J. Riley's new book:

Psychobabble recommends Philip J. Riley’s ‘Lon Chaney as Dracula’
Before Bela Lugosi forged his iconic performance as Count Dracula, another horror legend was slotted to play the role. Having risen to superstardom by playing grotesques in silent pictures such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Phantom of the Opera, and London After Midnight, Lon Chaney Sr. was to play the vampire in what would have been his second talking picture. The film was well past the planning stages—with Tod Browning hired to direct and Dudley Murphy and Louis Bromfield penning the script—when Chaney’s death by throat hemorrhage in 1930 halted it. Losing little time, Universal replaced Chaney with Bela Lugosi and hired Garrett Fort to write a new script in time for the film to be released less than six months after Chaney’s death. Long thought to be lost, Murphy and Bromfield’s unproduced Dracula script is the latest discovery of cinematic archaeologist Philip J. Riley, whose Alternate History for Classic Monster Movies series continues to marvel. This latest volume is a more eclectic affair than the ones about James Whale’s Dracula’s Daughter and Wolfman vs. Dracula. Beginning with Riley’s brief introduction to the subject, the book moves on to Bromfield’s extensive, 50-page treatment, complete with long stretches of dialogue. Chaney was adamant that his film-adaptations remained faithful to the novels on which they were based, and the treatment reveals a picture considerably closer to Bram Stoker than Fort’s script based on the Dracula stage play by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston. The Count is also described in more animalistic terms, with his hairy body, wolfish ears, and long fangs, than Lugosi’s vampire, probably to take better advantage of Chaney’s makeup prowess. After the treatment comes the opening passage of Murphy and Bromfield’s script, which draws out Jonathan Harker’s arrival at Castle Dracula for 20-pages, suggesting a more epic film than the one with Lugosi. The script ends abruptly during Harker’s initial meeting with Dracula because of Chaney’s death, but Riley’s book still has several more treasures in its crypt: a complete cast, crew, and title list for the 1931 Dracula, F.W. Murnau’s complete shooting script for Nosferatu, which includes numerous notes by the director (Bromfield was given a copy of the script to help him along with constructing his vampire tale), and most valuably, Lon Chaney’s 12-page autobiography originally published in the September 1925 issue of Movie Magazine. While any classic horror enthusiast should be sufficiently lured by Bromfield’s fascinating treatment, Chaney’s autobiography is a clincher, offering a rare opportunity to read the man’s story in his own words, not to mention a wealth of terrific pictures.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Great show coming Sunday night

Author Pat Jankiewicz will discuss man-eating sharks, summer blockbusters and his book, Just When You Thought It Was Safe: A Jaws Companion, on WGN Radio's "The Nick Digilio Show" on WGN Radio Chicago, 12:30 a.m. Sunday night, July 11th, following The Cubs game. Listen live via the internet!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ann Harding, Cinema's Gallent Lady

Friday, July 16, at 7:30pm at Castro Theatre, San Francisco, CA

Following the San Francisco Silent Film Festival presentation "Rotaie" at the Castro Theater, there will be a book signing for "Ann Harding - Cinema's Gallant Lady," by Bay Area film historian Scott O'Brien. Critics hailed Ann Harding as the finest actress to venture from Broadway to Hollywood. Her unique, natural screen presence in Holiday (1930) earned an Academy Award nomination. From 1929-1936, Harding reigned as cinema's "Gallant Lady." This new book features a foreword by Mick LaSalle.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's all things Dracula!

The Blackgate's Adventures in Fantasy Literature's page has a wonderful, detailed write-up about Dracula items, including our own Lon Chaney's Dracula book by Philip J. Riley. Check it out at

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From the San Francisco Silent Movie Examiner.....

[By Thomas Gladysz]
These days, Diana Serra Cary lives a quite life in Gustine, California. It’s a small town in the Valley south of Modesto and east of San Jose, and not so far from Merced, where she was born. There, the 91 year old former movie star is working on a new book – her fifth. It’s to be an insider's account of the movie industry, and according to Cary, a "study of fear and power in working Hollywood."Cary knows of what she speaks. In the 1920’s, she was known as “Baby Peggy,” and was one of the two biggest child actors in the pre-sound era. (The other was Jackie Coogan.) She was, in her day, as famous and as popular as Shirley Temple would become in the following decades.Cary is also one of the last surviving silent film stars. In a recent interview, the one-time actress revealed that work is nearly done on a documentary focusing on her remarkable and troubled life. It is being made in The Netherlands, and should be available in the United States in 2011, if not sooner.And today, two articles appeared about the diminutive actress. One, in the Huffington Post, was my own. It is titled “The Bookseller Who Became an Author and Who Once Had Been the Biggest Little Film Star in the World.” It takes a look at her interesting post-Hollywood career as an accomplished bookseller and well respected author. The other, by Kenneth Turan in the Los Angeles Times, promotes an upcoming event in Los Angeles. On July 7th, Baby Peggy will give a short talk and introduce her 1924 film, Captain January, at the Cinefamily's Silent Movie Theater. It is Turan’s “Pick of the Week.” It’s one of two events Cary is expected to attend this month. She will also be signing copies of her books at the Castro Theater in San Francisco on July 16th as part of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.If you love the movies, then don't miss one of these two opportunities to meet a real movie star – and a living legend. Or as Turan put it, “Be one of the few to experience a piece of film history both on and off the screen.”

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Coming Tuesday on Blog Talk Radio

Call-in Number: (646) 478-5668
Upcoming Show: 7/6/2010 3:00 PM
Host Name: Betty Jo Tucker
Show Name: Singin' in the Corn!
Length: 45 minutes

Author and publisher Ben Ohmart talks about his biography of comedienne Judy Canova. Titled "Singin' in the Corn!" after one of Judy’s most popular film comedies, this revealing book takes readers behind the scenes of a remarkable five-decade showbiz career that included film, radio, vaudeville, nightclubs, records, television and Broadway. In 1947, Judy Canova was named America’s top “comedienne” at the same time Jack Benny was dubbed our top “comedian.” Judy made over 20 films and played opposite such funnymen as Joe E. Brown, Alan Jenkins, Dennis Day, Ben Blue and Jack Benny. Skilled in physical comedy, she was also gifted with an amazing voice. Some people even called Judy the “Jenny Lind of the Ozarks.” But instead of becoming an opera singer, she used her talents to make people laugh. Making country comedy popular was her gift to showbiz.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Something we bet you didn't know about Baby Peggy

Did you know that Diana Serra Cary (aka "Baby Peggy") once worked as a bookseller? Now it's her own book that is selling!

Check out this great article about her from the Huffington Post:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New from BearManor Media

JUST JOAN: A JOAN CRAWFORD APPRECIATION is the ultimate Joan Crawford Bible, examining Crawford’s work, influence, life, and image in meticulous and loving detail.

Illustrated with over 300 photos, many of them rare and never before in print, JUST JOAN is a compilation of over four years of comprehensive research, culled from rare Lincoln Center archives, original magazines and those who knew her. Crawford is examined as a feminist forerunner, a gay icon, a dynamic artist, and as one of the world’s great movie stars. The many anecdotes and quotes within JUST JOAN reveal the sassy, indomitable spirit of this actress who grew up in abject poverty with an indifferent family and yet, against unseemly strife and setbacks, rose from the ashes like a phoenix. Her determination, talent and committed work ethic enabled her to find a career and home with what would be one of the most celebrated and powerful studios in film history, MGM. Hers is the moving, complex story of the pursuit and realization of the American Dream, part sublime, part nightmare, self-actuated. With rich detail and devotion, JUST JOAN bears testament to Crawford’s enduring enigma and powerful star.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Comic strips you don't have to see to enjoy

From Archie Andrews to Tom Mix, all radio characters and programs that ever stemmed from a comic book or comic strip in radio's golden age are collected here, for the first time, in an easy-to-read, A through Z book!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Fine Tribute - Coming Soon!

Cinemassacres: A Tribute to Forrest J. Ackerman and 1980s Horror Films
Introduction by Ingrid Pitt / 6
Kind Comments for Uncle Forry
Afterword by Iron Dave / 166
Modern Mythmakers author Michael McCarty / 10
Artist Frank Dietz / 15
Multi-Media artist and Forry's ‘'best pal'' Joe Moe / 18
Michael Mallory - author of ‘'Universal Studios Monsters: A Legacy Of Horror'' / 22
John Dimes- actor/artist/author of The Rites of Pretending Tribe / 25
Brian Walker - creator of Brian's Drive-In Theatre / 28
Robert Leininger - producer of The Undying Monsters / 31
Dick Dyszel { Count Gore Devol} host of Creature Feature / 35
Artist Jim McDermott / 38
Lucy Hell of Mystery Island Publications / 39
Rue Morgue Magazine art director ‘'Ghoulish'' Gary Pullin / 41
Special Guest Photos Section
Courtlandt Hull - creator of ‘'The Witch's Dungeon'' Museum in Bristol, CT. / 58
Kevin Sean Michaels - director of Vampira: The Movie / 61
Moebius Models creator Frank Winspur / 65
Dr. Mangor - Antimator, photographer, creator of Suicidal Suzi comic / 67
Scifi-Womanthology editor Pam Keesey / 70
Special Guest Interviews:
East Texas Gothic: Joe R. Lansdale / 74
Gandhi At The Bat author Chet Williamson / 80
Don Calfa - star of Return of the Living Dead / 84
Scalps director Fred Olen Ray / 88
NCIS star Muse Watson / 99
Jason Paul Collum - author of Assault of the Killer Bs / 106
Horror Films of the 1980s author John Kenneth Muir / 113
Strangewood author Christopher Golden / 115
Genre actor/stuntman/screenwriter Jim O'Rear / 120
Sara Karloff - daughter of horror icon Boris Karloff / 123
Interview with Cinemassacres author Iron Dave, conducted by Roberta Lannes / 126
Covenant and The 13th author John Everson / 131
The Amazing Kreskin / 135
Count Gregula / 143
Chopping Mall director Jim Wynorksi / 146
Echoes: Remembering Forrest J. Ackerman / 155

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Thumbs Up!

The Hellnotes website posted a fine review of one of our newly-published tomes. Check it out at

Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy, busy author!

Think you're overworked? Check out Matt Beckoff's schedule for July:

July 16th 7pm. Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA. Special guests, PJ Soles, Dee Wallace, Coleen Gray, Kathleen Hughes, Janet Ann Gallow and Bob Burns, who wrote the Foreword.

July 17th. Dark Shadows Festival in Burbank, CA.

July 18th 1pm. Larry Edmunds book shop on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood CA. Joining him will be special guests, Carla Laemmle, Elena Verdugo, Kathleen Hughes and Bob Burns.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's Coming Up at Larry Edmunds Bookshop

On Sundan, July 18th, at 1:00 p.m., a Sunday matinee with author Matt Beckoff and scream queens Kathleen Hughes, Carla Laemmle, and Elena Verdugo. Horror-meister Bob Burns will join in on the fun as well.
The store's address is 6644 Hollywood Boulevard, it's website is, and its phone number is (323) 463-3273.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Evening With TV Icon Kathy "Cissy" Garver, star of "Family Affair"

Tour a collection of some of the most famous fashions from motion pictures and the personal wardrobes of the world's greatest stars, including: Judy Garland. Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, and Cary Grant.

Kathy will be autographing copies of her new "Family Affair Cookbook" - $25 includes book, autograph and reception.

Thursday, June 24, 2010, 6 to 8 pm. Wine reception at:
Metreon, 101 Fourth Street, Ground Level, San Francisco, CA 94103
Tickets available at the door. Wine courtesy of Jerry Tusan, Classic Wines of California.
RSVP: _Kgarver333@aol.com_ (
Hope you can make it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Let's Give a Listen to Martin Grams, Jr.

It's the good old days this week on Dave White Presents. Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention organizer and prolific author Martin Grams Jr returns to discuss his latest book covering the adventure hero The Green Hornet. Then The Green Hornet himself, Van Williams, who starred in that role in the television series will share some interesting and fun stories from his career. Actress Dawn Wells will also be a guest discussing her career and talking about the Nostalgia Convention at which both she and Van will be making appearances. The program previews on KSAV radio Tuesday June 22 at 7:30PM Eastern and 7:30PM Pacific time and will be available 24/7 beginning Wednesday June 23 at . Dave White Presents is now on Facebook

Friday, June 18, 2010

Looking For the Leap Home

Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett, after leading an elite group of scientists to develop a top secret project known as Quantum Leap, prematurely stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished . . .He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, suffering from partial amnesia and facing mirror images that were not his own, driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, the project observer from his own time, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. So Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap, will be the leap home...In these pages you will discover:* How Don Bellisario got the idea for the show and pitched it to NBC.* What Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell thought about the series and why they consider it to be one of the best and most cherished experiences of their lives.* About the incredible fans, who never gave up hope and sent over 50,000 letters and calla lilies to then NBC president Warren Littlefield to put the show back on the air on Wednesday nights.* Why episodes like "The Color of Truth," "Black On White On Fire" and "Running For Honor" had advertisers pulling out and NBC ready to pull the plug.* How Quantum Leap ended and a look back at all five seasons of the series.With the hope of a new sci-fi or movie on the horizon, let's take a bold leap forward into the adventures of Dr. Sam Beckett and hope that his next leap will be the leap that sends him home.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Dream Collection of Classic Hollywood Photos

Tommy Lightfoot Garrett has been a collector of classic era photographs for years. The difference between Tommy and the people who collect classic photos, is that Tommy over the years has become friends with many of these stars and he also has represented many of them over the years as well. This photo book is one that the reader and admirer of classic stars can enjoy some of the great studio and candid shots of the past century, with Garrett's historical knowledge of Hollywood and the icons who made the entertainment industry so great. There are even some shots signed by stars who are either no longer with us or no longer signing autographs. This book is warm, well put together and offers the reader some new insights into what made the classic era so grand in Hollywood's history.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot Off The Press!

Will the Real Me Please Stand Up, by Christopher Knopf. Some very talented people have a lot of great things to say about this book. Take a look:

"Christopher Knopf is a consistently superb writer with his body of work a treasury of accomplishment any writer would envy. Here are the personal experiences that formed his keen insight on life and the nimble mind that led him to the Presidency of the Writers Guild of America, West. He speaks with complete honesty of the many people he has worked with and worked for in a vacillating, perilous profession. It makes a helluva read."- John Gay, Oscar nominated Screenwriter, Separate Tables

"Over his 50 year career writing for movies and television, Chris Knopf worked with many of Hollywood's great stars, producers and directors. He is a wonderful story teller and has filled this book with tricks of the trade, inspiring anecdotes, and one entertaining story after another. It's a must read for any aspiring screenwriter." - Tom Schulman, Oscar Winning Screenwriter, Dead Poets Society

"All television writers know who 'wrote the book' on writing Movies and Miniseries for Television -- it was Chris Knopf, and now he's written the warm and engaging story of how he did it while at the same time leading a graceful and rewarding life. Reading this very human memoir reminded me again and again how much I like and admire Chris and why."- David Rintels, playwright, three-time Emmy winning writer, past President, Writers Guild of America West

"Will The Real Me Please Stand Up is a page turner that will earn its way into your library. It's written by a person who grew up in a family of Hollywood Royalty. His father, colorful and charming, as well as domineering and insensitive, was a movie producer during MGM's golden years. I was fully immersed in this fascinating success story of Chris' battle to become his own man and creative force, emerging as an award winning writer."- Jerry Mayer, producer, playwright, television writer for The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Mash

"Old Hollywood lives again in Chris Knopf's engaging life story, which could be subtitled "Sometimes Nepotism Doesn't Work," about his struggle and triumph with a competitive father who lived in the last days of the old studio system.- Del Reisman, story editor Playhouse 90, past President, Writers Guild of America, West.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A very special Dave White Presents

This is an Early Bird announcement about the next broadcast of “Dave White Presents” which will debut Tues. June 22. This show will be a very, very special 90 minutes devoted to this fall’s Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention. Three guests include: Van Williams—star of Surfside Six and TV’s Green Hornet (so good, we made it a two-parter), Dawn Welles—“Mary Ann” from Gilligan’s Island, Martin Grams Jr.—author of a new history of The Green Hornet and organizer of the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention. So mark your calendars—the show will debut Tues. June 22 at 7:30 p.m. EST and then 7:30 p.m. Pacific over— On Wednesday June 23, the show will become available for 24/7 download access at—

Monday, June 14, 2010

Who tried out for which role????

Katie Holmes was the first choice to play Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Rosie O'Donnell auditioned for Elaine on Seinfeld.
Gene Hackman was rejected for the part of Mike Brady.
Sandra Bullock didn't have the right look for Baywatch.
Lara Flynn Boyle was considered to play Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City.

This is only a small sample. The shows are listed alphabetically, so this makes a very easy-to-use research book. You'll be surprised what you find out.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Notice on Turner Classic Movies website

Ib Melchior will be signing his new book, "Six Cult Films of the 60?s” with special guests, Trailers from Hell’s own JOE DANTE & MICK GARRIS . IB, Joe & Mick will be “trailering” “Angry Red Planet”, “Time Travelers”, and more. Joe & Mick will also be signing “Trailers from Hell Vol. #1 ” dvds.
Date: June 12, 2010
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Larry Edmunds Book Shop6644 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90028
Contact: Jeffrey Mantor @ 323- 463-3273

Great interview!

Look what was published in the New Jersey Jewish News about author Joel Samberg's granddad, Benny Bell:

It includes a terrific interview with Joel.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coming soon!

In Confessions of a Scream Queen, writer Matt Beckoff interviews fifteen legendary Ladies of Horror: CARLA LAEMMLE, LUPITA TOVAR, JANET ANN GALLOW, ELENA VERDUGO, COLEEN GRAY, KATHLEEN HUGHES, JUDITH O'DEA, KAREN BLACK, INGRID PITT, JESSICA HARPER, MARILYN BURNS, BETSY PALMER, DEE WALLACE, P.J. SOLES and ADRIENNE BARBEAU. Spanning over nine decades of cinema, Confessions is filled with entertaining and informative recollections and personal insights about Hollywood's best-loved horror films. Included are some rare and never before seen pictures.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love Those Stooges!

Today author Lon Davis will be a guest on Stu Shostak's Internet radio program, talking about Shemp Howard and the Three Stooges. His fellow guests will be Shemp's niece Joan Maurer, his nephew Paul Howard, his daughter-in-law Geri, and his granddaughter Jill. The show will be on live from 7 to 10 eastern time and will be repeated at that same time every day for the next week. Here is the link:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hey! Look who's in the June issue of Classic Images!

Our own Scott O'Brien has written the BOOK TALKS feature for Laura Wagner's Book Points column. In it, he tells of the surprising findings as he was researching the biographies of Kay Francis, Ann Harding, and Virginia Bruce. Interesting reading at

Monday, June 7, 2010

Great write-up in Fresno Book Review

“Have parties. They’re the things you’ll remember at the end of your life.”

Celebrity cookbooks can be fun. Cooking is something that everyone has in common, and sharing recipes with the rich and famous makes them more accessible. Regardless of whether you are fans of The King Family singers from their television shows of the 1960s and 1970s, this is a fun cookbook. The introduction sums up the family philosophy of enjoying life and eating well.

While many of the recipes are nostalgic favorites, most of them have a unique twist. The Sweet Meatloaf is wonderful and is the only meatloaf recipe I’ve found that stays moist even when ultra low fat (9 percent) ground beef is used. Although I prefer a stronger lemon flavor, the Deluxe Lemon Bars are absolutely decadent, with a crunchy sugar crust forming on the delicate custard during baking. If you like retro recipes and comfort food, this cookbook is for you.

- Reviewed by Teresa McCarthy

Friday, June 4, 2010

First Book of the Year, then 2nd Edition!

You know the face. You know the credit list: Lost in Space, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Kung Fu, The Twilight Zone and hundreds more... But who was Albert Salmi? Born of Finnish parents in the Finnish section of Brooklyn, Albert Salmi had a childhood he would recall fondly, even though it was plagued by the hardships of the Great Depression. In an attempt to earn money as a teenager, he broke the law; and the very wise judge gave him a sentence that turned his life around. Salmi set his sights for an acting career and, thanks to the GI Bill, got the best training possible. The result was that for forty years he appeared on the Broadway stage (Bus Stop, etc.), national television (Alfred Hitchcock Presents, I Spy, That Girl, Dallas, etc., etc.), and in countless films (The Brothers Karamazov, Caddyshack, etc.), usually as the bad guy or stern authority figure.
This biography is a frank and loving tribute, combined with many memories from Salmi's family, friends, and co-stars, and includes never-before-published memoirs from the man himself. From humble beginnings -- to a highly successful acting career -- to a tragic death that shocked the world -- Albert Salmi's story is unlike any other you'll ever read.
This 2nd edition has 2 extra chapters and much more information.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wonderful new book!

"He's a Hyphenate". That's Hollywood lingo for a person who has done more than one job on a film. Director-Writer-Cameraman-Producer-Naturalist, and Oscar nominee, Jack Couffer falls into that rare niche of multi-taskers who has done it all. He has made movies of many genres all over the world, but his specialty has been films with animals sharing the screen with human characters.

Ring of Bright Water, Never Cry Wolf, Out of Africa, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and Living Free all bore the Couffer identity. This is the story of the pains and joys in making these and many other delightful films.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Joe Franklin!

Look who's engrossed in Jim Manago's biography of Shirley Booth!
(Photo by Steve Friedman)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The very best from "The Horror Zine"

The Horror Zine has burst onto computers all over the world as an e-zine. "Twice the Terror" brings you the very best from The Horror Zine as a book. The Horror Zine presents its second in-print anthology, a wicked brew of stories with relentless suspense that ride side-by-side with haunting poetry and eye-popping artwork. Volume 2 from The Horror Zine unveils a fresh approach to basic fears and has twisted, unexpected endings. "Twice the Terror: THE HORROR ZINE" contains contributions from famous writers such as Graham Masterton, Bentley Little, Joe R. Lansdale, Deborah LeBlanc, Ed Gorman, Stephen Gallagher, Terence Faherty, and Hugh Fox. But it also contains deliciously dark delights from morbidly creative people who have not yet made the big time...but they will soon.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Great Review by

In the world of books about classic television there aren't a lot of original ideas. Profile some shows and try to provide some fresh insight, that's pretty much the standard. But a book I'm reading now - The Lucky Strike Papers - is truly unique. It's Andrew Lee Fielding's archeological dig into the career of his mother, Sue Bennett, a popular singer on early TV programs like Your Hit Parade, The Freddie Martin Show, and Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge. The author delves deep into TV obscura to focus on what life and television were like in the not-so-nifty fifties, into how blacklisting affected these shows and others, the haphazard nature of the new, unreliable technology, and what it meant to be part of one of the most revolutionary upheavals in American history. It's a loving journey back to an era when television was a mystery to everyone involved, when charm and talent were prerequisites for appearing in people's homes. Imagine that. One of the more fascinating aspects of this book to me were the chapters related to Kay Kyser's TV program, an hour-long, live variety and game show combined. An under appreciated musical genius Kyser walked away from show business - and his hit TV show - in 1950 when he retired to Chapel Hill, North Carolina at age 45.
I actually got to know Kyser's daughter Kimberly in the 1990s and had the pleasure to meet her mom Georgia Carroll Kyser (a vocalist and a model many called the most beautiful woman in America) at her lovely home in the heart of the city, practically on the UNC campus. This was when I was working on a web site for a proposed documentary on the man that I'm still shocked didn't get funded. It's not a tightly told story, meandering and going off on tangents, but that's one of the aspects I liked about the book. The Lucky Strike Papers vividly recreates the sophomoric excitement behind the blurry, flickering pictures that came to define that piece of furniture that changed our lives. If you even know who Ishkabibble or Snooky Lanson are you're in for a treat. There are lots of pictures and screen captures to illustrate the story, this would be a terrific book to take on vacation.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tales well calculated to keep you in...SUSPENSE!

The longest-running anthology program specializing in mystery and horror came to life in 1942 with "The Burning Court" over the Columbia Broadcasting System, and gained a strong audience until 1962. Hollywood movie stars played roles (either as the victims or the murderers) in chilling stories from the masters of mystery. The radio program gained enough popularity to spawn two television programs, two mystery magazines and a series of comic books. Researched and cross-referenced by (name of author), this book delves into the background of each episode, including authorship and cast credits. If you own a few radio broadcasts or television episodes, this book is a must-have companion piece for your bookshelf.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Congratulations, Jane Briggeman!

2010 Independent Publisher Awards
Performing Arts

Gold: The Tattooed Lady: A History, by Amelia Klem Osterud (Fulcrum Publishing/Speck Press)

Silver (tie): Alice Guy Blaché: Cinema Pioneer, by Joan Simon (Yale University Press) and Inspired to Dance: Everything You Need to Know about Becoming a Professional Dancer Without Breaking a Leg, by Mande Dagenais (iUniverse)

Bronze: Burlesque: A Living History, by Jane Briggman (BearManor Media)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Its series title mentioned women, but its top three stars were men! It pioneered a new kind of story-telling with its pilot episode; its last episode was years ahead of its time. Many thought it doomed to failure - it became one of the 1968-69 season's biggest hits! It was the 1968-70 ABC-TV/Screen Gems series, HERE COME THE BRIDES! In ‘Gangway, Lord! (The) Here Come the Brides Book,' readers will learn how the approach series star Robert Brown took to his role changed the dramatic direction of the series. They will learn of the practicality of up-and-coming television superstar David Soul. Of the extraordinary opportunity handed to leading lady Bridget Hanley through the role of New Bedford bride ‘Candy Pruitt.' Featuring profiles of the series' creators, regulars and semi-regulars, a mini-history of 1960s and ‘70s television, and a chapter on HCTB's extraordinary and deeply devoted fan base, ‘Gangway, Lord! (The) Here Come the Brides Book' takes the reader back to the days of the series' original run, illustrating the show's popularity and impact on a week by week basis through a look at its competition, the appearances of its stars on talk shows and game shows, the number of fan magazine articles published on teen superstar Bobby Sherman and the rest of its cast. Including commentary and ‘making of the episode' anecdotes from guest stars, guest writers, and guest directors, ‘Gangway, Lord! (The) Here Come the Brides Book' offers very strong evidence that the 1960s and ‘70s was truly THE REAL GOLDEN AGE OF TELEVISION!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busy, Busy Authors!

Mickey Smith's How Fibber McGee & Molly Won WWII was featured, with cover photo, in the quarterly alumni magazine of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy (circulation 7500) and the University of Mississippi Alumni Review (circulation 20,000). He also has a signing scheduled for on June 3rd.

Charles Tranberg will be on "Radio Once More" again this coming Monday at 9PM Eastern, this time to discuss his Agnes Moorehead biography. He also submits fine articles to Classic Images/Films of the Golden Age about our favorite stars of yore.

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Ready!

Laurence Oliver referred to her as an "angel." Director Henry Hathaway claimed she was a "bitch." Critics hailed Ann Harding as the finest actress to venture from Broadway to Hollywood. Her unique, natural screen presence in Holiday (1930) earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. From 1929-1936, Harding reigned as cinema's "Gallant Lady." Ann's ethereal quality belied a passionate nature. Her affairs with three remarkably talented and very married men associated with the film industry could have easily outraged fans and quashed her career. Theater visionary-director Jasper Deeter, Ann's life-long mentor, remarked that Ann was a master at hiding her childish, stubborn temperament. Friends of Ann's daughter, Jane Otto, claim that despite Ann's highly publicized custody battles. as a mother, Ann was "detached." Ann Harding - Cinema's Gallant Lady pays tribute to her career, and unveils a complex portrait of one of stage and cinemas most remarkable talents.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jack Couffer

"He's a Hyphenate". That's Hollywood lingo for a person who has done more than one job on a film. Director-Writer-Cameraman-Producer-Naturalist, and Oscar nominee, Jack Couffer falls into that rare niche of multi-taskers who has done it all. He has made movies of many genres all over the world, but his specialty has been films with animals sharing the screen with human characters.

Ring of Bright Water, Never Cry Wolf, Out of Africa, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and Living Free all bore the Couffer identity. This is the story of the pains and joys in making these and many other delightful films.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They like it!

Here's what the Midwest Book Review said about this book:

"Enhanced with 58 color plates, fold-outs and illustrations by Toby Bluth (noted children's artist and Walt Disney animation art director), Malcolm Willits' The Wonderful Edison Time Machine is a delightful "coffee table artbook sized" novel in which four boys travel back through time to 1929 in an effort to prevent "Black Friday", the day the stock market crashed and precipitated the Great Depression. The story is original, loaded with cinematic references and humor, and evokes a sense of adventure in the capstone year of the Roaring Twenties. With its large print format, The Wonderful Edison Time Machine is highly recommended reading for readers young and old alike."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Look what's new at BearManor Media!

Take a magic carpet ride with Sabu and John Justin as they battle the evil vizier Jaffar in order to save the beautiful princess from a fate worse than death! Lavishly illustrated with over 200 color and black-and-white photos from this classic film, including many deleted scenes and production shots, and accompanied by additional text by Jim Danforth explaining the wizardry behind the special effects, this volume contains all the information for which any fan could wish.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Keystone Krowd

At Mack Sennett's Fun Factory it was all laughs: flying pies, bathing beauties on the beach, traintrack thrills, cliffhangers, sight gags, and rehearsed spontaniety. All that was required for the anxious distributors and eager movie audiences was A Reel a Week. Silent film pianist Stuart Oderman met and played for many of THE KEYSTONE KROWD and their contemporaries for whom making comedy was a very serious business. He also listened... THE KEYSTONE KROWD is a document of the twilight years of many of Sennett's innovators, who were still able to recall their early days when filmmaking was in its infancy. Come read their last opportunity to leave their impressions of themselves and their times from a golden era. From the man who brought you Talking to the Piano Player (and its upcoming sequel) comes an amazing history of the greatest comedy studio in history - Keystone.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Been there, done that

Michael A. Hoey is the son of British actor Dennis Hoey, best remembered for his portrayal of Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard in the Sherlock Holmes films starring Basil Rathbone.

. . A combination memoir and history of the film business covering the decades from the 40's through the present. Here is an examination of classic Hollywood and such iconic studio bosses as Jack L. Warner, Darryl Zanuck and Walt Disney, plus memorable actors and directors, including John Ford, Fred Zinneman, George Cukor and Elvis Presley, Charlton Heston, Basil Rathbone, Angela Landsbury and Jane Wyman. Filled with the personal recollections of someone who lived it, it is also the story of a father and son, their careers and their turbulent relationship. Interwoven into these stories are numerous historical episodes about Hollywood, Broadway and Television.

. . "It's a look at Hollywood from the inside ... a fascinating glimpse at some of the industry's heavy hitters, as told by someone who was there in the trenches -- right from boyhood!" - Tom Weaver

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Need a Laugh?

For the first time ever, be privy to the open caverns of mirth that is the prolific Philip Rapp joke file! Rapp, writer for Baby Snooks, Eddie Cantor and creator of the Bickersons, wrote and collected jokes for years, drawing from it during his classic radio and TV years. Now we've taken the best quips and put them together for one great and funny book!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey! This is fun!

The year is 1989. A crowd that numbers in the hundreds has gathered in the parking lot of the Hill Valley High School to welcome home its favorite alum - Marty McFly. His band, The Pinheads, have returned to their old stomping grounds for the last gig on their hugely successful Rock till you Drop tour. Among the familiar faces is Marty's old friend, Dr. Emmett Brown, who has come bearing gifts - eight amplifiers that dwarf his prototype. Anxious to see how loud they can get, the band plugs in for an impromptu jam that literally blows away the crowd. Fortunately, no one is seriously injured. But there's more than a few shattered eardrums. What would Marty have been referring to if he sarcastically remarked, "How many years is it going to take you to figure out this ‘overload' problem, Doc? If you need another hit on the head I'll be more than happy to oblige." Want more? We know you do. Lights, Camera, Trivia approaches each set of questions (an average of 40 per film) from a unique angle to challenge even the most hardcore fans. From the original King Kong to Scarface, Re-Animator and episodes IV-VI of the Star Wars trilogy, all the classics are here. The days of "Old School" movie trivia are over. Come on in and judge for yourself.