Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Trails To You....

Famed Hollywood personal manager, DICK BAXTER, worked in the entertainment business for over 40 years. He owned and operated DICK BAXTER MANAGEMENT since 1963. His clients were some of Hollywood's biggest stars and entertainers of that era. He managed the careers of actress/singer Dale Evans, country gospel singer and song writer, Stuart Hamblen and his wife Suzy Hamblen, singer Anacani (the Lawrence Welk TV show), Hi Busse, Frontiersmen & Joanie, actress Catherine McLeod and others. In this, his autobiography, Dick invites you, the reader, to come along on his journey. You will feel as though Dick is visiting with you personally as he relates his life in the exciting world of show business.

"Dick Baxter is an icon of what a successful manager should be. His Christian attitude and honest outlook on life have touched me." - Osie Jackson Co-Author, Shaking Hands with Fame

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