Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Those Lucky Folks at Williamette Oaks!

Lon Davis is not only a very gifted author and historian, but he also shares his knowledge with the retirement community at Williamette Oaks in Eugene, Oregon. He has scheduled 2 screenings in April:

"Love and Laughter: 1917-1924" for April 3rd, is described as "We open the 2010 public Silent Film season with 3 short films, each featuring live piano accompaniment by Willamette Oaks resident Mary Griggs. In the first film, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle stars as a smitten country boy in Love, a hilarious two-reel farce from 1919; our second presentation has Felix the Cat trying to prove his courage in the cartoon Felix Finds ’Em Fickle; and in our final showing of the day, Gloria Swanson is tied to the railroad tracks by Wallace Beery in the 1917 Keystone satire Teddy at the Throttle. (75 mins)"

Then, on April 17th, he'll give a showing of "The Family Secret" (1924), with special guest Diana Serra Cary (Baby Peggy). Here's how this one is described: "Baby Peggy Montgomery was one of the two most popular child stars during the silent film era (the other being Jackie Coogan). Now in her nineties, Baby Peggy—for many years known as Diana Serra Cary—is a respected historian of this art form. She will be our special in-house guest for a screening of her 1924 comedy-drama, The Family Secret. This is your opportunity to meet one of the last surviving silent film stars, ask your questions, and hear first-hand her childhood experiences during the infancy of the silver screen. She will also be signing copies of her critically acclaimed autobiography, What Ever Happened to Baby Peggy? (90 mins)"
To learn more, see Way to go, Lon!

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