Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Compleat Biographer Conference

This conference, which addresses the very genre in which BearManor Media specializes, will be held on May 15, 2010 at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Biographers from around the world are expected to make Boston their destination.
Taking its name from Izaak Walton’s famous book 17th century book on fishing, the Compleat Biographer Conference will focus on the practical aspects of the craft and art of biography. Sponsored by Biographers International Organization (BIO), the daylong conference will feature speeches by prominent biographers—such as Pulitzer Prize winner and BIO president Debby Applegate—and workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Many literary agents will be attending as well and the conference includes an opportunity to meet with them.
Workshop topics will include:
Working in Archives: At the JFK Library, a discussion by archivists and biographers on the challenges and opportunities of working in archives today.
Trends in Biography: Editors, agents, and a bookstore owner look at the future of biography.
Dealing with the Family: Veteran biographers discuss issues of permissions, copyright, authorization, and other pitfalls of working with a subject’s family or heirs.
Choosing a Subject: Discussion by several biographers about how they selected or rejected subjects for their books.
Marketing your Biography: It’s one thing to write the darn thing, it’s entirely another matter to find readers.
New Ways to Publish: An overview from digital books to I-Universe. Authors discuss the technology, money, and viability of going it on your own.
Self-Editing: Tips on how best to prepare your manuscript for publication in the post-Max Perkins era.
New Frontiers in Electronic Research: An overview of the new resources now available from government documents to newspapers, photographs, and films.
Funding your Work: In addition to advances, this panel will look at how to obtain research grants and other means of supporting one’s work.
The Proposal: Tips on writing a winning proposal for a biography (samples included)
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