Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Opened Time Capsules

From the 1970s through 2003, author David Rothel interviewed dozens of show business personalities for his radio program and for "Guest Star" panels at film festivals where he was the host. Now Rothel has drawn from those fascinating conversations for his book Opened Time Capsules: My Vintage Conversations with Show Business Personalities. Here's your chance to eavesdrop on such personalities as Myrna Loy discussing The Thin Man film series; Vincent Price recalling those horror films he made for American-International; Lloyd Bridges talking about his classic TV series Sea Hunt; Milton Berle reminiscing about the Texaco Star Theatre; and two Tarzans, Gordon Scott and Jock Mahoney, discussing their adventures on the swinging vines. Twenty celebrities in all recollect their career highs and lows in this fascinating oral history of American popular culture covering much of the Twentieth Century. For anyone with an avid interest in the history of that bygone, golden era, David Rothel's fascinating conversations with these show business personalities will be must reading and will most certainly bring back many fond memories.

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