Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Look What's Coming Down the Pike!

Two questions that people ask television comedy writers repeatedly are: "How do you guys ever think them up?" and "Is writing for a television show anything like it was on the old Dick Van Dyke Show?" Tales from the Script invites you inside the writing rooms and into the writers meetings for such legendary television shows as The Carol Burnett Show, Laugh-In, Mama's Family, Welcome Back Kotter, Three's Company, the variety shows of Bill Cosby and Tim Conway. You'll also be part of the planning, preparation, and production of almost all of the Bob Hope Specials, including his Christmas shows entertaining America's troops around the world.
As a reader, you'll step onto the stage with the writing teams to accept "your" Emmy for "Outstanding writing in a Comedy-Variety Series." You'll also know what it feels like to be nominated, but have to sit in the audience and try to look gracious while another team steps up to accept the award. After reading Tales from the Script, you'll be able to answer for yourself whether it was anything like the old Dick VanDyke Show or not. As to the second question - "How do you guys ever think them up?" - you'll'll probably discover, as most comedy writers already have, that nobody knows the answer to that question. Foreword by Jim Nabors! To be released in June.

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