Monday, June 7, 2010

Great write-up in Fresno Book Review

“Have parties. They’re the things you’ll remember at the end of your life.”

Celebrity cookbooks can be fun. Cooking is something that everyone has in common, and sharing recipes with the rich and famous makes them more accessible. Regardless of whether you are fans of The King Family singers from their television shows of the 1960s and 1970s, this is a fun cookbook. The introduction sums up the family philosophy of enjoying life and eating well.

While many of the recipes are nostalgic favorites, most of them have a unique twist. The Sweet Meatloaf is wonderful and is the only meatloaf recipe I’ve found that stays moist even when ultra low fat (9 percent) ground beef is used. Although I prefer a stronger lemon flavor, the Deluxe Lemon Bars are absolutely decadent, with a crunchy sugar crust forming on the delicate custard during baking. If you like retro recipes and comfort food, this cookbook is for you.

- Reviewed by Teresa McCarthy

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